Letter – Supreme Court made right decision

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, December 16, 2020

To The Editor:

After hearing the result of the Supreme Court’s decision not to take up the lawsuit filed by the state of Texas, I was pleased and relieved.

Had the court listened to this case and if they would have voted in favor of the suit brought by Texas, the outcome would have been catastrophic to the preservation of our union. The justices would have just put themselves out of a job, for in an autocracy there is no need for a court system. However, fortunate for all of us, the Supreme Court justices chose democracy, upheld the Constitution, and adhered to the rule of law.

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President Trump undoubtedly believed the last three justices he appointed owed him their allegiance when he appointed them. How wrong he was in this assertion.

When an individual is selected to the Supreme Court, it doesn’t matter what political party they adhered to before. They discard their party affiliations when they walk through the portals of the Supreme Court building. And thank God for our nation that they chose to uphold the Constitution and preserve our democracy.

Jim Fauci