LETTER — Governor is woefully short of common sense

Published 6:00 am Friday, December 11, 2020

To the editor:

The current governor of Virginia is a graduate of Eastern Virginia Medical School, an achievement that marks him as someone of higher-than-normal intelligence.

How, then, can he utter such absurdities as the ones he made in support of last year’s abortion bill that allows third-term abortions? He actually said that he could foresee aborting babies just prior to birth.

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Other than the lunatic fringe of the far left, most people would consider actions such as those he prescribed to be homicide.

Now the governor says he will support and sign a proposed law allowing the sale of marijuana in Virginia. He speaks proudly of having widespread support for the proposed legislation from “health care professionals.”

I wonder if he has ever seen the report of a study conducted by New York University in the middle ’70s, which reported an alarming increase in birth defects found in the children of consistent marijuana users.

The defects in newborn babies included diminished immune systems, missing internal organs (children born with only one kidney), and general delay in normal development of cognitive abilities.

Further, the governor decries any evidence that marijuana is a “gateway drug.” However, police officials across the nation will tell him that people arrested for possession of marijuana often have more potent drugs in their possession. If he asked, they would also tell him that people arrested for possession of Schedule 1 and 2 narcotics admit to beginning their dependence on illegal drugs with using marijuana.

Although the governor can boast of an admirable medical education, he seems to be woefully short of good old regular common sense.

It is time for Virginians to be grateful for the law limiting governors to only one term, so that this ultra-liberal governor will soon be gone.

John Jamieson

Hampden Sydney