Letter — Good proves he was a bad choice

Published 6:00 am Thursday, December 24, 2020

To The Editor:

I wanted to scream or cry when I read the Saturday, Dec. 12 Washington Post and Huffington Post articles about Bob Good, our district’s representative-elect to Congress.

While speaking at a rally supporting Trump’s refusal to accept the results of a legally conducted election, Good promoted the fiction that there has been a huge conspiracy to steal the election from Trump. He incited the crowd with comments like this, “How many votes did they steal? As many as they needed.”

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Spreading misinformation like this about elections undermines our democracy.

Good also told the largely maskless crowd he was glad to see their faces. He flattered them, “You stand up against tyranny”—the tyranny of wearing masks presumably? He praised them, “This looks like a group of people that gets it. This is a phony pandemic.”

As I write this on Friday, Dec. 18, Good’s “phony pandemic” has killed 317,929 so far in the U.S.—3,293 just Thursday—and 1,671,652 people worldwide. Encouraging people to ignore CDC guidelines about wearing masks and social distancing kills people.

Good’s actions are dangerous to democracy and to the health and safety of this nation. And this man is supposed to represent our interests in Congress?

I could cry—especially when I think that we could have had Dr. Cameron Webb, an intelligent, well-informed realist, to represent the 5th District.

What have we done?


Robin Smith