Cumberland County property transfers

Published 6:00 am Saturday, December 19, 2020

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of May. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Roy A. Watson, Jr.; et al to Brian Jacob Fulcher. Deed Gift.

• US Bank National Association; tr to Shawn Mechling, 7.03 AC, Hamilton District. $163,800.

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• William A. Eberly; et al to Trafton Fletcher Hardison; et ux, Parcel, Hamilton District. $204,000.

• Charles Wayne Owen; et ux to Stephen Morgeson, Jr. 24.2 AC, 12.2 AC, Randolph District. $239,900.

• JCM III, LLC to Lindsey Mullins, 2.88 AC, Randolph District. $150,000.

• H J Emerald Enterprises, LLC to Michael Duncan, 2 AC, Hamilton District. $100,000.

• Ira Junior Midkiff; et al to R&J Investments, LLC, 5.975 AC, 8.391 AC, 13.975 AC, Madison District. $85,023.

• Millbrook Construction, LLC to Christiane M. Dennis; et us, Lot 14B, Hamilton District & Powhatan County. $225,000.

• Mary Jo Dowdy; et al to RI Standards. Deed Gift.

• David T. Clark to Terri Langley Weber; et al, Parcel, Hamilton District. $39,000.

• Leroy O. Pfeiffer, Jr.; et ux to Mack H. Robinson, Jr., 5.592 AC, Madison District. $130,000.

• Howard Sims, Jr., et al to Hasan A. Brown. Deed Gift.

• William W. Sanderson; et ux to William W. Sanderson, Jr., et ux. Deed Gift.

• James Michael Kephart; et ux to Jacob T. Newman, Jr., et ux, 9.99 AC, .06 AC, Madison District. $25,000.

• Tony C. Ingram, II to Tammy Van Buren, 5.18 AC, Randolph District. $199,900.

• Garland L. Gills; et ux to Matthew T. Gutkaiss; et ux, 46.3 AC, Hamilton District. $256,120.

• John S. Eicher to Sylvia Mae Petersheim, 4.6 AC, Randolph District. $105,000.

• Donald D. Moore; et al to Margaret I. Atkinson. Deed Gift.

• Eileen W. Lipscomb to Glen R. Acheson, 4.95 AC, Madison District. $123,900.

• Robert D. Long, III; et ux to Ashley N. Long. Deed Gift.

• Robert D. Long, III; et ux to Robert D. Long, III. Deed Gift.

• James P. Shank; et us to Jason King; et ux, 14.56 AC, Madison District. $230,000.

• Eloise M. Grimes; et al s to Darwin Mejia-Velasquez; et ux, 1.24 AC, Randolph District. $40,000.

• Angola Farm, LTD; et al to Mary Ellen Scot, 4.84 AC, Randolph District. $141,000.

• Hannah W. Hutman; tr to Grey Ridge Properties, 1.90 AC, Madison District. $20,475.

• Joanna C. Quinn; et als to Joanna C. Quinn. Deed Gift.

• Cheri Raby to Karl Raby-Williams. Deed Gift.

• Betty J. Tolbert; et al to Betty J. Tolbert. Deed Gift.

• Leslie M. Jackson; et al to David McKinney; et al, 3.062 AC, Hamilton District. $224,950.

• Timothy Permenter; tr; et al to Gerald Schmidt, 19.4 AC, Randolph District. $55,000.