Pharmacy offers Medicare plan review

Published 6:00 am Friday, November 6, 2020

Medicare’s open enrollment period is currently under way. This is the only time each year, for most seniors, to make changes to their Medicare health care plans before being locked in for the next year.

This open enrollment period, while limited in time, is each person’s right to choose. If it is not exercised, this right is lost for another year.  While the website does provide information to help with this plan review process, it can be challenging to use and understand. A better solution is available.

Farmville Family Pharmacy is offering a Medicare plan review service to the community. The pharmacy has the tools available to complete a full and comprehensive review and help match each person’s unique medication needs with the available plans.  And, because they are licensed pharmacists, they have the expertise to help people who are facing medication coverage issues with their plans.

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This service is free with no obligation to choose any specific plan.