FACES receives contribution from SEC

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Southside Electric Cooperative President and CEO Jeff Edwards recently presented FACES Food Pantry with a $7,500 contribution, which was matched by CoBank’s Sharing the Success program resulting in a $15,000 donation.

CoBank is the national cooperative lender for major improvement projects. Since Sharing the Success was established in 2012, CoBank and its customers, like SEC, have contributed more than $50 million to nonprofits like volunteer fire departments, local schools and hunger relief programs, such as FACES.

“Today, it is an honor to present an incredible organization, FACES Food Pantry, with two checks – a $7,500 check from Southside Electric Cooperative, and a matching $7,500 from CoBank’s Sharing the Success program.

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“When SEC learned of the tremendous food volume FACES distributes, we made an earlier donation of $500 to help offset costs,” Edwards said. “Later, we learned that FACES had substantial challenges keeping up with increased food demands due to COVID. When we inquired about an additional donation, and learned of their major needs, we decided to approach CoBank about a sizable matching gift.

“In addition, by presenting these checks to FACES today, we are helping the very members we serve. SEC understands that FACES provides needed food to all of Prince Edward and parts of Cumberland, Buckingham, Nottoway, Lunenburg and Charlotte counties. These are all counties that SEC serves with electricity. Thank you, FACES, for making a significant difference in so many lives. It is a privilege to present you with these two checks.”

In accepting the generous donation on behalf of FACES, Board of Directors President Ellery Sedgwick said, “FACES and Southside Electric Cooperative share essentially the same goal: to improve the quality of life in the Southside region by cost-efficiently providing basic necessities, electricity and food. Southside serves approximately 55,000 households and FACES around 1,500, but both provide crucial services to the public.

“FACES is grateful for Southside’s generous support and promises to use it efficiently. The funds will go towards purchasing four large chest freezers and racking to store both frozen and dry goods. They will also go towards upgrading our computer registration system that is critical to ensuring that the food goes to those who really need it. Any remaining funds will go directly to purchasing food for distribution.”