LETTER — Our election is in good hands

Published 6:00 am Friday, October 30, 2020

To The Editor:

From voters standing in line for hours, to states not being willing to count ballots without secrecy envelopes, we hear horror stories every day about eligible voters across the country being prevented from voting in a safe manner amidst the pandemic.

We are lucky here in Prince Edward County. 

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Lynette Wright, our voter registrar, and the members of our Electoral Board have worked diligently to ensure that all eligible voters in Prince Edward County can vote in a safe and efficient manner. It took me less than seven minutes to vote this year. The staff and Electoral Board have dedicated a lot of thought and effort to minimize the risk for both voters and administrators. 

If you do vote in person on November 3, remember that we have curbside voting both at the courthouse and at your precinct. Whenever you vote, I know you will treat poll workers with the dignity and respect Lynette Wright and her staff have shown Prince Edward County voters.

Taikein Cooper

Chair, PE Democrats