Letter – It’s time for Trump to go

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, October 6, 2020

To The Editor:

Let me start by stating “ I am not a Trump supporter” — never, ever. I, along with a great multitude of the American public, have had enough of the lies, media manipulation, and downright contempt shown by Donald Trump.

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly unbearable to witness the daily barrage of falsehoods perpetrated by this administration as it seeks to divide the country. One fact that Trump has never revealed is that he is an unabashed racist. Recently, in a speech made before supporters in Newport News Trump made the following statements,

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“Where we are polling at numbers that I guess no Republican has ever polled before. Perhaps Abraham Lincoln, but in those days he wasn’t big into the Hispanic movement. I think Abraham had other things to think about, don’t we think? But I will say this, nobody has done more for many communities, but I always say for the Black community, nobody has done more for the Black community than Donald Trump since Abraham Lincoln. Nobody.”

I almost double over with laughter every time I hear Trump make this claim. What has he done for minorities? Yes, the Department of Education did give nearly $1.4 billion to Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities (TCCUs), as well as institutions serving low-income students to help ensure learning continues during the coronavirus national emergency. That was a small drop towards correcting the evil legacy that this nation harbors towards the education of Blacks and other minorities that made these universities necessary in the first place. All the while, he fails to acknowledge this racist legacy even exists in this country.

Later he boasted, “They want to give free healthcare to illegal aliens and indoctrinate your children with poisonous anti-American lies in school.”

Many times Trump has made his white nationalist agenda on race relations clear — minorities, especially Blacks and Latinos are the enemy. This rhetoric I feel, has given police forces across the country a pass to commit acts of brutality. Videos of police beating, shootings, threats and intimidation towards Black men have become commonplace in the news. These images seem to occur weekly as more evidence of improper and illegal police activities are made public. Clearly, he has become the champion of the far right and their crusade empower white America — Again. Trump’s seemingly daily vitriol is one that seeks to divide the country and pit us one against another. Race baiting rhetoric and the clearly unabashed support for far-right organizations and groups leaves America’s future in the hands of a scoundrel. That is why we must come together as a country to remove the kink in our armor- Leadership. This country has stood together throughout our past despite the many obstacles in our path to unity.

We do not have to all believe the same ideas or share the same political views. However, as Americans, we don’t wish for safety and equality for all citizens- we demand it.

Donald Trump — using your own terminology — it is painfully clear — you are a, nasty, dumb thug and not a good person. Your time is up. It’s time to go. You’re fired!

Carl Eggleston Farmville