Farmville has some great places to walk or run

Published 3:12 pm Friday, September 11, 2020

When the weather cools and dodging thunderstorms is not a daily routine, the opportunity for walking or running for exercise increases.

The area has some wonderful places to run or walk for exercise. Here are five you may want to check out this fall.


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This trail around Wilck’s Lake was obviously made for running because of the 1.6 miles per lap. Two laps is a perfect 5K distance. Walkers and runners alike will likely enjoy one of the most scenic parts of the town. The trail begins at the boat ramp parking lot near the skateboard park and continues onto the sidewalk on West Third Street at the Creative Learning Center and then ends back in the boat ramp parking lot.


This short scenic trail through a wooded area near Centra Southside Community Hospital offers a chance for a slow stroll through the woods as the leaves change with the season. The paved half-mile trail begins off High Street and ends in a parking area behind Centra Southside Community Hospital.


Perhaps the town’s most famous trail, the High Bridge Trail gives plenty of opportunities for walkers and runners to enjoy the wide path with no traffic and use as much or as little of the 31-mile trail as they wish.


The state park just off U.S. Route 360 features seven trails from 0.3 miles to 8 miles in length with difficulties listed from easy to moderate. To see a trail map of the opportunities at the park, check out their website at


For those who want to take a walk or run on historic ground, there is the state park at Sailor’s Creek Battlefield. The park features seven trails all less than a mile long and all handicap accessible. Five of the seven trails are listed as easy while two are in the moderate category for difficulty.

Remember if you are walking or running on a sidewalk or roadway in the twilight, dusk or night, wear white or reflective clothing and carry a light with you so motorists will know you are there.