Editor’s Notebook — It’s time to get moving

Published 12:39 pm Thursday, September 10, 2020

Welcome to the get off your butt edition of Farmville the Magazine.

As we enter into fall and cooler temperatures, the Farmville area comes alive with things to do to stay active. After six months of pandemic life, who among us has not become a bit more sedentary and gained a few pounds while staying home and socially distancing?

The Quarantine 15 is the real deal.

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This edition gives some great ideas of where to take a hike, where to ride a bike, where to go for a run and generally where to have some fun. If you already have a favorite spot to hike, bike, run, walk or canoe, perhaps the trails and ideas in this edition will give you a couple more places to try out and put some variety into your workout.

And after you work off a few calories, we have a way to get some of them back. Sports Editor and Senior Hamburger Correspondent Titus Mohler had the task of finding some of Farmville’s tastiest burgers. It was a difficult assignment, but Titus handled it like a pro. He managed to eat some of the best burgers in town so he could pass along comments about them to you.

Farmville has some great burgers. It is great to pass along some of our local restaurants’ best creations to our readers so you can give the burgers a try yourselves. All are available by takeout, some through delivery. If we missed one of your favorites, shoot us an email and let us know which burgers you like best.

If sitting around and reading is more your thing, the library staff passed along 10 cool books you should put on your reading list this fall.

And if you are just looking to get out of the house and drive around this fall, we have gathered some of the best places in the area to see the fall colors.

Also included in this edition is a nice read on the good work done by the Longwood Small Business Development Center.

Jim Jordan goes back in time to show that Farmville has recovered from many tragic historic events, giving us confidence that we will recover from this pandemic as well.

As always, if you have any suggestions about stories you would like to see in the magazine, feel free to shoot me an email at Roger.Watson@FarmvilletheMag.com because after this magazine I am all out of ideas. But I’m sure we will come up with something neat for the October edition.

Stay safe and well everyone.

Roger Watson is editor of Farmville the Magazine. His email address is Roger.Watson@FarmvilletheMag.com.