Letter – Confederate Cemetery is a fair compromise

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, September 16, 2020

To The Editor:

As members of Town Council come closer to determining the fate of the Confederate statue that once adorned the pedestal in downtown Farmville, I was somewhat disturbed by some of what James Early remarked in the recent article regarding moving the town’s Confederate monument and Civil War history in general.

Of course, we know that Confederate General James Jubal Early had nothing to do with Farmville, for he belonged to the city of Lynchburg, where he has his own monument marking his burial spot.

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On the other hand, I kept looking through the article to its relevance to the situation now facing Farmville and was happy to find Mr. Early had given adequate thought to the situation and decided that “placing the monument in the town’s Confederate cemetery is a fair compromise.”

This shows that he at least gave thought to a decision that makes common sense to our situation. It is a “fair compromise.”

Chris Calkins

Civil War and WWII Historian