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Beautiful Labor Day weekend is coming

It is different to hear weather people gushing about nice, pleasant weather, but area weather experts are quite thrilled with the combination of events setting up for a beautiful Labor Day weekend.

After hot weather through Friday, a strong cold front cools us down just in time for the holiday weekend with a high of 80 on Saturday. It remains mild Sunday with a high of 84 and lower than usual humidity. So we have a great weekend without an impending threat of rain to look forward to for the first time in a few weeks.

Today, expect a high of 89 with only a 25% chance of rain. The sun returns for the first time in a couple days and should quickly dry the more than two inches of rain received Monday and part of Tuesday.

Thursday is expected to have a high of 93 and Friday will have a high of 90. There is a less than a 30% chance of rain each day.