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Town horticulturist presents program

The Redbud Garden Club held its July meeting at Cumberland Presbyterian Church Pavilion with Barbara Stimpson and Maryann McEwen serving as hostesses.

The program for the evening was a slide presentation on “Container Gardening” by Jay Wilkerson, Town of Farmville horticulturist. Wilkerson had various slides showing how to intertwine different plants using color scheme, textures, height, trailing and climbing plants along with foliage plants.

Prior to selecting plants for a container, he advised members to look at different factors such as location, amount of light, water source, type/size of container, and type of soil. When selecting plants, read the labels to determine the size of the mature plant and the amount of water and sunlight the plant requires. Also one must remember to fertilize the container plants during the growing season because the fertilizer in the original soil has been depleted after three months. The presentation prompted many questions which Wilkerson answered. He also answered questions regarding problems members had with their own gardens.

Members winning ribbons for their table centerpiece design in red, white and blue entitled “Time to Eat” were {blue} Dottie Fahrner, Rebecca Giles, Janet Higgins, Ann Ligon, Geraldine Sanderson, Nancy Schaeffer, Sarah Schember, and Jo Smith, and {red} Mary Hazlegrove. Winners for “Dancing Shoes” which was an arrangement of roses in a high heel shoe were {blue} Janet Higgins, Ann Ligon, and Nancy Schaeffer, and {red} Maryann McEwen, Geraldine Sanderson, and Sarah Schember. Horticulture exhibitors were Rebecca Giles, Ann Ligon, and Nancy Schaeffer.