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Sauna-like conditions return this week

After a preview of fall with week of cooler temperatures, typical August weather returns this week with hot and humid days and a high of 95 expected Thursday.

We start off the week today with a high of 88. The humidity will make it feel warmer than that but the chance of precipitation of only at 18%. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are all expected to reach into the 90s with little chance of rain.

If you are looking for some hope in this forecast, look no further than a week from today. Next Monday is expected to have a high of 81 with mostly sunny skies.

More good news, Labor Day is only two weeks away. After that, we should see some nice fall temperatures through the month of September.

If you are tracking the two storms moving through the Gulf of Mexico, it looks like Tropical Storm Laura may reach western Virginia early Saturday morning if the current track holds, that could make for a wet weekend, but it is still early.