Letter – Deputy should be fired

Published 6:00 am Tuesday, August 25, 2020

To The Editor:

Thank you for printing “Deputy’s FB post questioned,” and the subsequent note of apology by Deputy Chris Fishburne.

His Facebook posts are the only thing that I know of him. He stated that he just reposted someone else’s statement. Reposting means one accepts the responsibility for that statement and that you want others to see it. His repost did not say that he disagreed with the words of the post. Fishburne’s apology also states, “I wasn’t paying attention.” His position as a deputy demands that he think and that he be aware — on and off duty. Is this how he conducts his investigations and his work — by not paying attention to details?

The letter of apology is not enough. Chris Fishburne ends his apology by stating that “It’s just not who I am. I made a mistake.” How then does he account for the racist posts that he made in June and July 2020? I have nine racist Facebook posts connected to his name. Nine posts are more than enough to show who he is and it wasn’t just a one-time mistake.

Chris Fishburne needs to be fired from the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office and not be employed in any public service capacity.

Maj. Joyce A. Gooden, USAF (Ret)