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In-person voting should be used whenever possible

To The Editor:

In reference to the letter regarding increasing stamp prices, the problems in our postal service predate this administration. Blaming this or any of the past few administrations is political folly and doesn’t work to get anything fixed.

In the same letter, your contributor also poses the question regarding the legal implications of impeding an election (I assume by not funding the post office). I would wholeheartedly agree that prohibiting legitimate voters from voting is against the law, and further add that voter fraud is just as bad since every illegal vote cancels out every vote that has been cast legally (another form of prohibiting legitimate voters from casting their vote).

The issue with managing our elections using the postal service is the potential for fraud. The issue is not party affiliated and should be concerning to every legitimate American voter who wants to see elections handled fairly, representing the will of the people and not just a select few. Other than those who absolutely cannot get to the poles, there should be no reason to conduct elections by mail or by absentee ballots.

The decisions made in these elections are far too important to trust anything other than in-person voting with verification, whenever and wherever possible.

Peter Kapuscinski