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Letter – Where will this death spiral end?

To The Editor:

Far leftist mayors from large cities are being spurned by their (at one time) loyal followers. The language is vitriol and vulgar, and the threats are ominous, from burning homes and wrecking business establishments, all the way to actual and threatened personal injury or worse.

Far left protestor mayhem is worsening. Chaos leads to change, and while far left leaders in the U.S. want to see change, lawlessness consumes everything around it, as well as those in support of it. The outlaws appear not to care much for explaining what they want changed. They are more visible wrecking neighborhoods, public property, threatening and causing personal damage to anyone (even their own leaders) who in the slightest, disagrees with their actions or agenda.

New York, Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle are all in disarray and their mayors are being criticized, and in some cases, even threatened. These elected leaders clearly don’t want (or even know how) to remedy the situation. Their obvious dislike for any conservative administration, state, federal, or even within their own local bureaus, has clouded their administrative judgement to the point it threatens every law-abiding resident and business owner living there.

Where it ends is difficult to say. But, perhaps a much closer look at those who are pumping financial sewage in support of all the misbehavior is warranted. Perhaps announcing just who those well-funded anarchists are will go a long way toward getting the situation under control before it results in America, the new third-world country.

Peter Kapuscinski