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Letter – Wear a mask to protect healthcare workers

To The Editor –

We here in Prince Edward County and surrounding areas are so fortunate that we

have dedicated and committed healthcare workers and first responders.

They put

their lives on the line every single day, knowing only too well that they too could

contract the coronavirus and bring it home to their loved ones.  I’m sure that none of

them were aware that COVID-19 was headed to the U.S. and our community

in Farmville when they signed on.  Yet everyday they show up to work to care for those who are in need.

When we do not do social distancing, and we do not wear our masks, we are putting our nurses, doctors and first responders in great peril.  They don’t need those individuals who choose not to wear a mask citing their Constitutional rights, nor those who want  to make a political statement.

We already have a shortage of nurses and doctors in the USA . We must do everything in our power to make sure they are protected from this virus by us wearing masks and avoiding large gatherings.  We need our healthcare providers to be in good health themselves, so that they can continue to serve the public.


James Fauci