Letter – Athletes should be fired for kneeling

Published 9:58 pm Monday, July 27, 2020

To The Editor:

I’m angry, disgusted, and disappointed in our political leaders over the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Not because black lives do not matter because they certainly do, but so do white lives, Hispanic lives, Asian lives,  European lives, and mixed race lives. All lives matter.

The lives of the unborn matter,  but our wonderful pediatrician governor of Virginia is willing to have abortions at birth of a child. Where is his Hippocratic oath? That’s not a sometime oath, but rather a lifetime oath. I sincerely hope that anyone aborting a baby at birth is charged with murder, tried, convicted, and put away for life.

If I owned a professional sports team I would immediately terminate the contract of anyone who knelt for “Black Lives Matter” only. The kneeling should only be for all lives matter.

When will our elected officials grow some “intestinal fortitude” and stand up and be counted? Do only the loudmouth, rabble rousing crowd count?

The wonderful, brilliant mayor of Richmond can order the removal of statutes on Monument Avenue but he can’t do anything about the nightly gun violence in the City of Richmond. Why? Because he would have to criticize and try to change the culture of those doing the shooting and he doesn’t want to touch that.

Let’s be honest, reelection matters to all politicians.

Rev. Furman Joye
Prospect Virginia