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Kind gesture appreciated

To The Editor:

I recently had some same day surgery at Centra Hospital, a routine screening performed by Dr. Bal of Centra Medical Group Southside Gastrointestinal Center in Farmville.

I am writing this because of a simple gesture of kindness that gave me a profound sense of happiness. Because of COVID-19, everyone at the hospital wears a mask.

As I was being wheeled from my room to surgery Dr. Bal passed by my gurney. It would have been easy for him to pass without recognizing me as a person, especially with the masks, and he could have been on the way to an important errand, but he didn’t ignore me. He raised his hand in a friendly hello.

This simple gesture might seem inconsequential, but I don’t think every professional operates with this kind of awareness.

I want Dr. Bal and everyone else to know how touched I was by his action. I learned from this encounter that however consumed I am with my own thoughts, it is a wonderful gift to share simple recognition of each other, and I hope I can apply this lesson in the day-to-day world.

Robin Buckalew