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Farmville Cares supports STEPS recycling program

To The Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors:

As a partner non-profit agency in the South Central Virginia Nonprofit Network, Farmville Cares wishes to support the revival of the recycling program the County of Prince Edward has had with STEPS for approximately 21 years.

That is a long number of years.  During those years, STEPS has not increased their processing fees since 2012.

As a resident of District 101 in Prince Edward County, I also support the value that we as residents receive from employing our citizens with disabilities.  In addition to the employees’ benefits that are gained through having a purpose and self-fulfillment, we benefit economically as they contribute to the economy here in our area with spending at local businesses. It was unfortunate that this service had to be put on hold during the pandemic.

You now have a choice to continue to contribute to Farmville and Prince Edward’s economies or spend our tax dollars outside of the county.    What greater way to support the residents of our county by helping these STEPS employees become productive, contributing members of the community and gain local dollars that stay in the area.

There are always benefits unseen to working and partnering with a local organization headquartered here in Prince Edward.  I think we have all seen throughout our lifetimes, that sometimes the best way to move is not always the cheapest way.  Please consider the factors that may not be obvious at first when you make this decision.

Thank you all for your continued service and time commitment to our county and it’s residents.


Patsy Watson