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LETTER — Defunding police is step toward anarchy

To The Editor:

Five in our family have or are serving as police or deputies. Law enforcement officers have been badly understaffed and underpaid for a long time. They work extra jobs to make ends meet, and face danger each day.

Protection between front and back seats in patrol cars and other equipment has often been lacking.

Detectives’ cases cannot be fully prepared due to too many demands on their time. Patrolmen are called out at all hours and still expected to fill their scheduled shifts and appear in court. Citizens spit on them, call them names, injure them, threaten them and their families, and then expect protection when things go terribly wrong for themselves. Wives and children send loved ones to work with a prayer, and offer one up when they come back safely.

Defunding police is a huge step toward anarchy. Who is behind this? Think! Who benefits?

Cull out the bad eggs. Beg the other officers to continue keeping us safe while risking their lives.

Stand up for the honorable officers. Contact your political representatives.

Donald and Beth Gregory

Green Bay