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LETTER — Consider Baldwin in June primary

Dear Editor:

I am a lifelong resident of Virginia, having lived 18 years in Nottoway County, where much of my family still resides, and the rest of my almost 42 years have been in Farmville/Cumberland County, Virginia. I have been a teacher in the commonwealth for 17 years, working in alternative schools as well as public schools, both as a special educator and a science teacher, and have an M.S. from Longwood in special education.

I am writing you today to make sure that your newspaper is giving complete coverage of all of the candidates in the upcoming election to replace Mark Warner as a senator from Virginia in the 2020 elections, and to encourage others to research Alissa Baldwin for Senate.

On June 23, the Republican Party will have the primary to decide which Republican Senatorial candidate will run against the incumbent Democrat, Mark Warner. Warner has consistently voted in line with special interests and the Democratic National Committee instead of what’s best for Virginians.

I highly encourage all Virginians to vote for my friend and colleague, Alissa Baldwin. Alissa and I have known each other since the third grade. We went in different directions for many years, but life has brought us back together again. She now teaches civics and economics across the hall from where I teach physical science, and it has been that way for a comfortably long time. I trust her as I trust very few other people. So after years of her students asking her “Why don’t you run for office?” she finally did it. And I’m so glad she did.

I am asking all Virginians to participate in the elections of not just the president — while that is important, it is not the only important election — and especially in the Republican Primary on June 23.

Research her name. Look her up. You can find out more about her platform and see just how good of a fit she would be for the commonwealth of Virginia. I think once you do your research into the candidates that she is the best candidate for the job.

Kate E. Sanger Harris