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22% of Dillwyn Correctional Center inmates have virus

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) reported no new coronavirus cases in Prince Edward, Cumberland, Buckingham, Lunenburg or Charlotte counties Sunday, May 3. 

That being said, Buckingham’s case count has yet to catch up with the 219 positive cases reported in the county’s prisons by the Virginia Department of Corrections (VDOC). 

On Saturday evening, the VDOC reported a total of 204 offenders and five staff at the Dillwyn Correctional Center (DCC) had tested positive for the novel coronavirus, with two inmates hospitalized due to the virus. That’s more than 22% of the prison’s inmate population. DCC remains the source of the largest COVID-19 outbreak in any correctional facility reported by VDOC.

DCC was listed as having 180 offenders and five staff members testing positive for the virus Saturday. 

Buckingham Correctional Center (CCC) has not seen an uptick in case counts for several days, reporting eight offenders and two staff as testing positive for the coronavirus as of Sunday. Two inmates from BCC have been hospitalized due to COVID-19. 

Piedmont Health District Director Dr. H. Robert Nash said earlier this week a 24 to 48-hour lag in case counts reported to VDH is expected, which may explain why Buckingham County’s VDH-reported case numbers do not match up with the cases reported by VDOC. 

As of Sunday, Buckingham County still sits at 137 cases, as reported the previous day. Cumberland is listed as having 12 cases, and Prince Edward shows 55 cases. Lunenburg County has seen four positive coronavirus cases, and Charlotte County is listed as having had nine positives. 

Sunday, the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association reported 1,413 individuals who tested positive for the virus or were awaiting test results were currently being hospitalized. Of those, 385 patients were in the ICU. The association reported 193 of the state’s 2,950 ventilators were in use. Of those who have tested positive for coronavirus, 2,497 Virginians have recovered and been discharged.