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Where did the toilet paper go?

Dear Editor:

Where is all the toilet paper? Paper makers claim they haven’t slowed production, and stores don’t seem to let on that deliveries have been waylaid. So where is all the toilet paper?

Every catastrophe has a lighter side – believe it or not. With this pandemic, even as severe as it is, one has to giggle to think of all that toilet paper being used somewhere.

Think of sewers stuffed with the stuff, and septic tanks bulging with wads of it, all waiting to explode into someone’s yard or a city street somewhere. It seems ridiculous that here, in the U.S.A. we can’t find toilet paper.

It might just happen that the next directive passed by Richmond will be to have all of us grow a crop of lamb’s ear. After all, it’s what was used when the country was first settled – long before anyone worried about where all the toilet paper went.

Pete Kapuscinski