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We are moving forward

Dear Editor:

Have you ever tied a string around your finger so you would not forget something? This is what the young soldier statue is to me. He is there to remind us what happened in Farmville so we would not forget the loss of life, and property, being hungry and afraid.

History is said to repeat itself, so the statue is there to remember and not to forget that it was a senseless and terrible war.

Farmville is a wonderful small town and I know first-hand that if you work together you prosper. Why are we causing turmoil when our town is moving forward in every way with commerce, tourism, education and so on?

So let’s realize how much we need each other in every way to move forward and to share how fortunate we are to live in our very “special” town.

Farmville is worth our working together to move forward, share, and to prosper.

Bettye Williams