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Cheers to Bob Flippen

Dear Editor:

Cheers to Bob Flippen for the article about Farmville’s Confederate monument.

As a historian he shows his respect for the monuments of a specific time and for the hearts of the people who erected them.

The letter from Tom Dennison, however, stunned me to the point that I must respond. He wants a statue removed that he doesn’t like.

I know Dennison to be the very proud owner of a house in Farmville, which he believes belonged to Virginia Governor Phillip McKinney. McKinney was Captain of Company K, 4th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.

In 1889, the central theme of McKinney’s gubernatorial campaign was white supremacy and the danger of African American advancement. If this is what the politically correct and revisionist historians believe to be the essence of the Confederate States of America, then why are the McKinney houses still standing?

Nancy Sutton Faxon