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Bail out Mom and Pop

Dear Editor:

On Friday, the 20th of March, an article which I had written about another bailout for the billionaires may be misconstrued as the title was not my original.

Americans do need a bailout. But the billionaires who own or run the massive airlines do not. And as a follow up there are some issues which still need to be pointed out.

Where is the true sense of fiscally conservative America? As a Democrat I say shame on all who are not outraged that the people who truly need to be rescued will be lumped into the same group as those who are and always will be first in line to receive our tax dollars, the rich. In a time when we need to help those who have lost the most why is the government even considering loans for billionaires?

At least since having written last the status has changed from simply giving these people billions of dollars to loaning it to them. But by the principles of conservatism, is this not outrageous? Why should tax money be loaned to those who have profiteered to their extreme benefit when tens of thousands of Americans who own businesses or have been let go are not likely to recover?

If the billionaires would simply exercise their elite financial position and invest back into their own companies to keep themselves “afloat,” the billions of dollars which the GOP has proposed to lend them would go to the Mom and Pop stores, the grocers, the contractors, the venue owners, restaurateurs and the every day American who doesn’t own five homes, a private jet and their own senator. This is a shame.

There is no honor amongst thieves. And there are too many thieves in Washington.

Tom Noehren