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United Way kicks off You’ve Been Ducked fundraiser

The United Way of Prince Edward County is gearing up to start another fundraiser March 1.

In preparation for the Third Annual Great Farmville Duck Derby, the all-volunteer board will begin a “Flocking” fundraiser.

The non-profit group has chucked ducks at a recent Hampden-Sydney basketball game, will race ducks down the Appomattox on May 1 and now will enter a season of flocking. Supporters can purchase a flock of four ducks. The United Way of Prince Edward County board members will surprise flock a recipient of your choice by placing four large ducks in their front yard late in the evening.

Hopefully recipients won’t get their feathers too ruffled at the site of beautiful ducks in their yard when they wake up the next morning. It will be super easy to remove the ducks. Flocking victims can simply fill out the form on the back of one of the ducks and the United Way team will move the ducks and place the flock in the yard of another person chosen.

The quacky fundraiser will begin on March 1, but donors can begin reserving flocks for friends at the next Longwood Center for the Visual Arts Wine & Brew Friday, Feb. 28 from 5-7 p.m.

Of course if you just can’t wait and want to go ahead and get your ducks in a row feel free to email us at jennifer.kinne@pecps.k12.va.us.