Roundabout is best solution

Published 10:32 am Tuesday, February 11, 2020


I’m sorry that the Fauci’s were not at the December town council meeting when the representative from VDOT explained why a roundabout was the best solution for the intersection of High, Oak and Griffin.

He clearly stated:

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1) It’s safer

2) The cost of the project would be covered totally by special grants.

I understand the concerns. Studies show that older people are afraid of roundabouts until they begin to use them, but they soon come to prefer them. The forced slower speed when approaching a roundabout makes it the safer option for cars and pedestrians. The simplicity of a single lane of traffic that only allows right turns also eases tension. And, as an added bonus, the area will look more beautiful.

Lets see… It’s safer, more aesthetically pleasing and free. Why would we not embrace it?

Faye Green