Prince Edward County arrest report

Published 6:30 am Monday, February 3, 2020

January 19

• Ashley Powers, 29 of Chester, charged with assault and battery-simple.

January 20

• Cheryl Barham-Lynch, 46 of Meherrin, charged with violate protective order.

January 21

• John Fielder, IV, 23 of Farmville, charged with accommodation drug sale on, near school property; sale distribute marijuana.

January 22

• Sean Martin, 27 of Burkeville, charged with contempt of court.

January 22

• Michael Covert, 31 of Farmville, charged with protective order: violation.

• William Street, 70 of Farmville, charged with concealed weapon violation.

January 23

• Tiffany Owen, 33 of Phenix, charged with failure to appear for traffic summons.

• Javon Brooks, 19 of Farmville, charged with conspiring: to commit larceny greater than $500; breaking and entering with intent to commit felony.

• John Yowell, 19 of Farmville, charged with eluding police-endanger persons or police car; destruction.