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Letter – Popular vote intiative would mean our votes don’t count


Just when you think it’s dead, some other radical legislator introduces yet another bill in Richmond that would discount the will of voters here. HB 399, the National Popular Vote bill proposed by Senator Ebbin of Northern Virginia, died last week just in time for Delegate Levine to introduce HB 177 that does exactly the same thing. It passed the House on February 11.

Voting in America is not just a sacred right that should be closely guarded by every American. It is also the stabilizing force allowing us to change our way of governing without war. As of late, Senator Ebbin and now Delegate Levine want to make it so that votes in Virginia no longer count.

HB 177 should be read and paid close attention to by every civic-minded voter in Virginia who values their right to choose their government leaders. If this bill is made law, it means largely populated major cities throughout the United States will control the votes of Virginia voters regardless of their vote.

Simply put, it means our votes no longer count. The radical left in our commonwealth have lost their sense of balance ever since the last presidential election. This latest idea is dangerous folly – the kind that destabilizes our government and leads the way toward movements that could result in the kind of militant interaction that no one would like to see (except perhaps radicals who would use it to bring their change to our way of governing).

Peter Kapuscinski