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Letter – Lots of questions about proposed roundabout


Is it really necessary to build an expensive roundabout at the intersection of Oak, Griffin, and High Streets in Farmville ?

Is it actually a dangerous intersection?

Are the wait times for a light to change so onerous?

Are the overhead power lines so very ugly compared to others in town?

Do the crosswalks not serve the pedestrian traffic adequately and safely?

Why change the whole intersection to a roundabout in the middle of a residential area? Is it because there is tax money to be had and therefore to be spent? Is it because it will look good and supposedly welcome traffic to the University?

Roundabouts and traffic circles are better suited to larger, more rural areas, with minimal or no pedestrian traffic. See: Amherst, Westchester Commons, Gordensville, for example.

How about building something that will benefit everybody, rather than a select few. ie: a truck by-pass around town, or realign the stop light at the hospital and West Third Street, to cut off the curb jutting into the right turn lane?  

Surely, there are projects more pressing than an in-town roundabout.

Carol Fauci