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Letter – Delegate Ruff believes in the ‘wage fairy’


Frank Ruff Jr’s letter “$15 Minimum Wage Won’t Work Here” brags about how legislation he favors makes Virginia the number one state for business.  If things are so great, then I’d like him to explain why that for the first quarter of 2019, Virginia is 29th in economic growth? Of course, one of the missing factors that would increase state economic growth is deliberately repudiated by Ruff.  That is raising the minimum wage.

In his indictment of raising the minimum wage, Ruff’s contentions are way off base.  One, he conveniently ignores the fact that the additional wages paid to low-wage workers do not go up in smoke but are spent at local businesses which increases their local sales.  Secondly, a higher minimum wage reduces the number of families receiving public assistance as they will be able to earn enough to meet basic requirements. 

Finally, along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, it appears that Ruff believes in the “Wage Fairy” who magically waves a wand and makes sure that everyone is paid precisely what they’re worth.  According to the Economic Research Policy report of August 19, 2019, CEO compensation since 1978 has grown 940% while that of the average worker increased just 12%.

If you feel that the economic system is rigged, you’re right.  Ruff and his Republican cronies are trying to rig the system for the Chamber of Commerce and not for the working people of the state.

The minimum wage for Virginia is $7.25 or $14,500 for 52 weeks in a year before taxes.  The average rental of a two-bedroom apartment in Virginia is $978. I suggest Ruff get out from behind his comfy desk in Richmond and see if he could live on that.

James Peca

Farmville VA 23901