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Hearing conservation presentation

In 2010, the Farmville Lions Club and Longwood’s Speech, Hearing, and Learning Services (SHLS) formed a partnership to offer Hearing Conservation Presentations to the Prince Edward County Elementary School (PECES) fourth graders. The program was later expanded to include Fuqua Lower School and Cumberland Elementary School students.

This was the 10th year the presentations were given by the Lions/Longwood partnership. Every year has been an immense success, according to the teachers and students.

The presentations are developed and given by Longwood SHLS students. The presentations teach the elementary students about parts of the ear, facts about sound, how sound travels, what sounds are too loud, what sounds are safe and how to protect their hearing.

At the end of each presentation Farmville Lions Club members present to the teachers three items for each student, two hearing pamphlets (one for them and one for their parents) and a set of earplugs.

On Nov. 22, one presentation was given to 43 Fuqua second-, third-, and fourth-grade students and their teachers.

On Jan. 29, two presentations were given to 163 PECES second graders and their teachers. This was the second year for the presentations to be taught to the second- grade classes at PECES.

The Lions wish to recognize all Fuqua and PECES personnel for their hard work in preparing, scheduling, and directing students during this valuable training to save their students’ hearing.

For further information, contact The Farmville Lions Club Hearing Chairperson, Tom McBride, (434) 223-7382 or email: tmcbride@embarqmail.com.