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Centra announces new sponsorship and grant application process

Throughout our history, Centra has supported community organizations by funding projects and sponsoring events that address community health needs outside of our health system.

As a major economic force in central and southern Virginia, Centra is deeply committed to helping local non-profits improve our communities’ economic, social and development needs. To maximize our impact and to better align our priorities, a new process has been established for all sponsorship and grant requests. Requests of this nature will now go through a centralized review process using an online application portal.

All sponsorship requests, uploaded through the online portal, will be reviewed by a newly created committee.

All grant applications will be reviewed by the Centra Board of Directors Community Benefits Committee

Understandably, Centra is unable to fund each of the multitude of requests it receives. Centra policy gives priority to funding sponsorships and grants that address the needs identified in the most recent Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) for each of Centra’s service areas.

Prioritized needs from the 2018 CHNA include: access to affordable healthcare, access to affordable housing, Access to healthy foods, Access to mental health services/mental health problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, poor eating habits, poverty, substance abuse and alcohol/illegal drug use and transportation.

Full details including eligibility requirements and submission dates can be found by visiting the Centra website; www.centrahealth.com, under the Community Health tab.

Funding decisions are communicated by email to the contact person named on the application per the notification dates listed on our website.