Buckingham County arrest report

Published 11:45 am Tuesday, February 4, 2020

January 16

• Selena Jones, 39 of Buckingham, fail to appear on felony.

• Marcy Deane, of 27 Buckingham, charged with stolen goods: buy/receive.

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• Randall Scott, of 39 Buckingham, stolen goods: buy/receive.

• Robert Morris, of 46 Buckingham, charged with law enforcement: disregard or elude; reckless driving: speed 20+.

January 17

• Nicole Banks, of 47 Buckingham, charged with probation: violation on felony, two counts; fail to appear.

• Terry Haines, 62 of Buckingham, charged with license revoked (DWI/manslaughter: drive without license, endanger; prior DWI manslaughter, assault or felony DWI; DWI: refusal of breath test, second offense.

January 20

• Johnry Sorto, 25 of Homestead, Florida, charged with DWI.

January 24

• Rusty Maupin, 34 of Buckingham, Good behavior: violation on felony.

• James Moneymaker, 36 of Buckingham, charged with drugs: possess marijuana.

• Stephen Stish, 18 of Buckingham, charged with drugs: possess marijuana.

• Weldon Wood, 58 of Charlottesville, charged with contempt of court.

• Timothy Gilmartin, 33 of Lynchburg, charged with possess obscene material with minor.

• Russell Matthew, of 39 Buckingham, charged with fail to appear.