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Operation Blue Christmas a success

For the past nine years, the Farmville Police Department has participated in Operation Blue Christmas in conjunction with the Prince Edward Department of Social Services (DSS).

Each year DSS chooses 10 children to participate in the event. These 10 children are taken by Farmville Police Department officers to shop for Christmas gifts and to have lunch with the officers.

“This is a good event because we are providing Christmas to children that more than likely wouldn’t have Christmas,” said Farmville Police Chief A. Q. “Andy” Ellington.

In early December, the children accompanied by police officers and other volunteers were taken to Walmart to shop.

On their shopping day, officers shadowed children throughout the store and helped them shop where they could choose clothing and toys, as well as gifts for their loved ones if they so desired.

Taco Bell also provided lunch for the children following their shopping trip.

“It provides them with a sense of family and lets them know we care,” says Ellington. “It is genuinely a tearful experience and one I so look forward to attending each year.