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Citizen volunteers addressed

Prince Edward County’s Board of Supervisors made two citizen volunteer appointments and one recommendation for appointment during the board’s Dec. 10 meeting.

Wade Bartlett

The summary of the citizen volunteer appointments agenda item in the board meeting packet noted that the terms of office for the addressed positions expired Dec. 31, 2019, except for the Piedmont Senior Resources position, which expires Tuesday, Jan. 14. All positions were advertised in The Herald, and all applicants filed a Citizen Volunteer Application.

First, the board addressed filling the impending vacancy on the Prince Edward County Planning Commission. The individual who has been holding the office and who was wrapping up his four-year term was Whitfield Paige.

“He has expressed his willingness to serve again,” Prince Edward County Administrator Wade Bartlett said during the meeting. “And then you have a Mr. Brad Fuller. … Mr. Paige has done a really good job on that (commission), wouldn’t you say so, Supervisor Jones?”

“Yep,” Lockett District Supervisor Robert M. “Bobby” Jones said.

Fuller and Paige were the two citizen volunteer applicants for the open position.

The board voted to appoint Paige to another four-year term.

Next, the board addressed an impending opening on the Prince Edward County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).

“That’s a five-year term,” Bartlett said. Referring to the BZA, he added, “They don’t meet very often. It’s only when somebody appeals a decision of the zoning administrator or would like a variance from the zoning ordinance. The incumbent is Mr. John Townsend. He was the only applicant.”

The board voted in favor of Townsend.

Explaining the meaning of the vote, Assistant Prince Edward County Administrator Sarah Elam Puckett said, “And that’s a recommendation to the circuit court judge.”

“Yes,” Bartlett responded. “(The judge) has to actually appoint.”

Lastly, the board addressed the need to fill a county-appointed spot on the Piedmont Senior Resources (PSR) Board of Directors, a spot which carries a three-year term.

Referencing the individual holding the office, Bartlett said LeAnne Emert was not eligible to be reappointed by the Board of Supervisors because she has now served two consecutive terms.

The board voted in favor of the only applicant for the open position, Dr. Girish Pirohit.

PSR Executive Director Justine Young stated in a Wednesday, Jan. 8, interview that though the Board of Supervisors could not reappoint Emert, she is eligible to be appointed as an at large board member by the PSR board.