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‘Making your vote count’


I read with great interest, the article from Titus Mohler regarding “Making your Vote Count.” He is absolutely correct in saying if you don’t vote then you get exactly what you may not want and what someone else does. However, this latest round of sanctuary sit-ins is not a show of force by Second Amendment proponents. Virginia is a Dillon Rule state which means that the state rules override county and local regs and in particular in this case, and those folks showing up at county board meetings are simply making a statement. When people listen to our AG (attorney general) tell them that it doesn’t matter what they think, that the rules that are passed will override their wishes, that is arrogance and it just simply makes folks react. This latest show of interest is not just about guns and the right to own and bear arms. It is a strong indication suggesting our elected should pay attention to the voices of those whom they represent. Too much emphasis is being placed on “who’s the boss” these days. Not enough thought is awarded to compromise and rationale. Conflict results, and if those elected officials continue to fall short on understanding that folks who elected them are not interested in being ruled over by them, these staged protests will continue, and from what has been witnessed in the past, will likely grow.

Peter Kapuscinski