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Appreciation of young people


I am a senior citizen who has taken a class at Longwood University this semester. I graduated from college in 1965 and then graduate school in the 70s. I taught in public schools in Henrico County and Virginia Beach for 35 years.

So often, we hear negative comments about the young people of today. However, I must say my experience with the students at Longwood University this semester has been so positive and heart warming. These students have been caring, kind, positive and considerate, and I never heard a foul word spoken by any student the entire semester. I am so delighted with the positive and warm atmosphere of Longwood University.

Dr. David Geraghty taught the class I took—Frontiers in the early American Republic. Again, I can’t say enough good things about the wonderful teacher he is — excels in all areas including knowledge and enthusiasm of the subject, willingness to help students in any way and especially rapport and interest in the students as individuals.

Longwood University can be proud of teachers, students and overall atmosphere of the school.

Patricia Armstrong