A-2 zoning amendments

Published 12:30 pm Monday, December 2, 2019

According to a public notice, the Cumberland County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday, Dec. 10, to conduct public hearings and consider taking action on several matters, including an amendment to add the use of a short-term rental complex and an RV (recreational vehicle) park to the list of uses with a conditional use permit in the A-2 zoning district.

J.P. Duncan

According to County Planning Director and Zoning Administrator J.P. Duncan, the amendment was sparked mainly by citizen interest in developing a complex of short-term rental tiny homes in the county.

Included in the Cumberland County Planning Commission’s Oct. 28 meeting packet is a list of permitted uses for A-2 zoning districts with possession of a conditional use permit. Duncan highlighted that the amendments made to the list will include adding a short-term rental complex as well as an RV park to the list of acceptable uses with a permit.

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Duncan explained that the term “short-term rental complex” is now defined as “a camping and overnight area for use as temporary habitation operated as a business or for a fee.” Alterations were made to the list of definitions which originally included the term “rental cabin campground” but did not mention the use of tiny homes. Rental cabins and tiny homes, as a result of the amendment, will both fall under the blanket definition of a short-term rental complex.

Duncan stated that the use of an RV park was added to the list in order to bring Cumberland County’s code up to speed with state requirements, as the county already has parcels of land being used for that purpose.

Other matters to be discussed at the Dec. 10 hearing include a request for a conditional use permit to address lot deficiencies involving the porch of a home on McCutcheon Avenue, a conditional use permit application to allow a lot line adjustment on Trices Lake Road, and an amendment to update county code involving erosion and sediment control.

The public notice cites that copies of the complete text of the proposed development applications are available for public review at the office of the Cumberland County Planning Department, and that the public is invited to attend this hearing in order for affected persons to appear and present their views. Question or comments may be directed to Duncan at (804) 492-3520.