Whitus presents key

Published 2:17 pm Thursday, October 3, 2019

Jenna Lathom, a freshman Communications Studies major from Alexandria, was the lucky finder of the “mayor” rock on Monday, Sept. 16, on “National Collect Rocks Day.”

Faculty, staff and students from the College of Business & Economics (CBE) painted rocks with inspirational sayings and fun pictures to celebrate “National Collect Rocks Day” and placed them around campus for rock collectors to find.

Mayor David Whitus, CBE alum ’83, decided to get in on the fun with his painted rock that read, “Town of Farmville Mayor” on the front and instructions to bring the rock to the CBE for a key to the town on the back. Once Lathom heard there was a mayor rock to be found, she was on a serious search and found the rock in the “L” of the brick wall leading to the library. Lathom and Whitus met on Monday, Sept. 23, for her to receive the key to the Town of Farmville, making Lathom the first Longwood student to receive this special key.

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