What candidates are giving away

Published 12:18 pm Thursday, October 3, 2019


This campaign is far less about what candidates intend to do for America, and far more about what they intend to do TO each other. And when the discussion does turn to things being offered, the subject is grounded in what they intend to give away free — free education, free medical care, free housing, and a host of other free stuff. One can only imagine where they intend to get their funding for all these things.

Useful social programs are necessary and should be funded. But without wealth, funding them is impossible. Wealth is only created when goods and/or services can be traded for something that is needed somewhere down the economic line. Short term, the Fed could print money. But printing money only makes what is already out there worthless. There are plenty of examples both recent, and in history, that support this claim.

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Basic to American stability is our ability to create wealth, and the environment here continues to allow for that to happen. It’s hard to believe that these candidates are serious when they tout programs that would likely destroy our American progress and success. Fortunately, for the most part, voters in the U.S. are not easily fooled by the candidates, their media partners and the theatrics. For the realist, the hope is that America still believes that what is offered here is an opportunity for everyone to grow, economically and culturally, all of it promoting some sort of peaceful existence.

Peter Kapuscinski