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Vote Dunnavant — proven experience


As a Buckingham County resident and landowner, I am addressing this letter to the voters of the Maysville District. Since I am not a voter in the Maysville District, I would hope that you would take a look at the two candidates running.

One is Morgan Dunnavant. He has been on the board the last 4 years. He is also a landowner and has had a very successful business. He has created jobs. He has made sure to keep our county taxes low with the sitting board. With existing revenue they have been able to take the old Dillwyn Primary School and convert it to the long awaited library and community center. They have stepped up grant writing and successfully acquired slightly better than $12 million in grants for Buckingham. Concerning the pipeline, Morgan was able to play hardball with both the pipeline and Columbia Gas to get a gas tap in which we are getting enough gas flow out in revenue to operate the equivalent of 6 Kyanite Mine operations.

On the other hand, you have Jordan Miles. I wish him the best of luck in his future but not as a representative of Buckingham County. He (Miles) was able to move into his aunt’s house in the right time frame to secure him a spot as a Democratic Candidate. Unfortunately he has been undecided on whether he wanted to be a Republican or even permanently live in Buckingham. He is only being taxed on his vehicle as he does not own land. He is saying he is a conservative and does not want to raise our taxes. If he is for the new high school, how will he keep the taxes down? If we build the school our taxes will become similar to Cumberland and surrounding counties. Jordan has only worked for other people, yet claims he can create jobs. Please do not vote for someone you have heard on the radio and read his newspaper articles, because in both of those jobs he was an employee not an employer as Morgan has been.

I hope the voters of Maysville District will think about all of Buckingham and our taxes when you vote. Also my hope, for the sake of us all, is voters in other districts will elect fiscally conservative candidates.

Eric Winslow