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Prince Edward County arrest report

September 22

• William Carter, 52, charged with indecent liberties: with child by parent/etc.

September 23

• Gail Williams, 42 of Farmville, charged with forgery: affix other signature to writing-malicious.

September 24

• Troy Parrish, 24 of Farmville, charged with contempt of court.

• Kyle Williams, 35 of Farmville, charged with trespassing.

September 25

• Toma Harrison, 41 of Richmond, charged with contempt of court, two counts; trespassing.

September 27

• James Barksdale, 36 of Keysville, charged with fail to appear on misdemeanor charge.

• Phyllis Davis, 28 of Virginia Beach, charged with obtaining money by false pretenses; forging, uttering.

• Steven Doss, 37 of Appomattox, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.