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New logo reflects new chamber statement

The Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce has a new logo with a mission statement that explains a new direction: “Forward together.”

“We’re not just about Main Street,” Chamber Executive Director Joy Stump explains. “The Chamber also works with some businesses in Prince Edward and Cumberland counties as well as surrounding counties.”

Stump decided to discuss a logo change with graphic designer James Early. He liked the idea of creating a logo with an inclusive design.

“‘Forward together’ is an objective,” Early comments. “The logo I created features eight storefronts, each with a unique color that can be found in one of the eight letters in the word ‘together.’”

“James used the architecture here in Farmville,” Stump adds. “The rooflines in the logo reflect the buildings we have here in town. While the buildings are all different, there’s a sense of cohesion, too.”

Each of the eight buildings represents a different facet of the local business community including education, health care, dining and entertainment, and retail.

“The logo is done in a simple black and white design with a beautiful color palette added to accent each individual building,” Stump notes. “While the buildings are different, the logo shows them all together — I love that!”

The Chamber’s previous “Heart of Virginia” logo featured an outline of the state of Virginia with a heart marking the Southside region.

“A lot of other groups in the area were using that design,” Stump relates. “We wanted to find something more exciting.”

The Chamber will be moving forward in the next few months to update its webpage and other signage.

“We’re really excited about this logo,” Stump adds. “The businesses are diverse in our area, and this new logo is a great way to show them side-by-side.”

“I found a quote by Henry Ford that’s perfect for our new direction,” Stump concludes. ‘It reads, ‘If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.’”

Our community can rest assured that the Chamber will be there to make it happen.