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More schools confirm scabies

Buckingham and Prince Edward County Public Schools have both confirmed cases of scabies within the last week.

Jennifer Kinne

Prince Edward County Public Schools Family and Community Engagement Liaison Jennifer Kinne confirmed Friday that the school district has one diagnosed case.

Meanwhile, Buckingham County Public Schools Superintendent Daisy Hicks explained in an interview with The Herald Friday that the school district has themselves confirmed two cases of scabies. A letter went home Wednesday alerting parents to the first diagnosed case.

“We’ve actually had only two, thank goodness,” Hicks stated. “I had one confirmed Wednesday at the primary school and yesterday at the preschool. A parent has taken their child to the doctor and that’s what they were diagnosed with. … The principal was notified by the parents that they were leaving the doctor’s office and that’s what it was. The principal contacted me around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday and the letter and the fact sheet went home to parents on Wednesday when the kids left.”

“I also sent out an instant message to make sure parents received the information that was sent home with their child,” said Hicks, “and then yesterday I did another instant message to make sure parents knew that we had received one more case of it.”

Daisy Hicks

Hicks also stated that Buckingham students did not have school on Friday due to a staff development day and wouldn’t be back to school until Tuesday for the Columbus Day holiday. She felt that time may have been on the school district’s side and was thankful that the long weekend would allow for several days of thorough cleaning without students and teachers in the school buildings.

“I’ll be doing weekly updates if any more happens, but I’m hopeful that we’ll take care of it,” Hicks said.

Amy Griffin

Additionally Cumberland County Public Schools, which announced 12 confirmed cases of scabies in a health update sent out Oct. 9, confirmed four additional cases as of Thursday. Division Superintendent Amy Griffin stated in the Thursday update that one kindergartner, one fifth grader, one sixth grader and one ninth grader were all confirmed to have contracted scabies. She added that two of the students that had been reported with scabies on Thursday had actually been diagnosed on Oct. 7.

Griffin plans on posting an update regarding confirmed scabies cases in the school district every Wednesday and Friday. She added in her update on Thursday that the school had contracted with a professional cleaning service to steam the carpets of the elementary school, and that custodial staff were scheduled to clean over the weekend at the elementary, middle and high schools.