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Moore seeks office

Jason Moore, of Cumberland, is running for the Cumberland Commonwealth’s Attorney position as the Republican nominee.

Jason Moore

Moore grew up in neighboring Powhatan. “I tell people I hope that isn’t held against me,” Moore said. “Since at least I’m not from Chesterfield. That usually gets a chuckle.”

After graduating from Powhatan High School Moore obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and his J.D. from the University of Richmond.

Moore is married to the former Katherine Hollister, and they have three children, Jefferson, 8, Ellie Mae, 4 and 7-month-old Fredrick. They moved to Cumberland a couple of years ago looking for a more rural community in which to live. “The people, schools and civic organizations in Cumberland were everything we wanted in a community,” says Moore.

Moore joined the Cartersville Ruritan Club and volunteers as head coach of the Cumberland Recreation League Flag Football team. Jefferson and Ellie Mae attend Cumberland County Elementary School. Katherine is an attorney in Farmville and a member of the Cartersville Garden Club.

Moore will bring 20 years of criminal trial experience to the position of the commonwealth attorney. “I’ve tried every type of case from traffic to murder, including over 50 sexually violent cases. I’ve conducted 30 jury trials, including two murder jury trials, and tried thousands of other misdemeanor and felony cases,” Moore said.

Several things drew Moore to run for the commonwealth’s attorney position. “It is one of two positions in the judicial system which truly can have a positive impact on people and their lives,” said Moore. He explained that the commonwealth’s attorney tries all misdemeanor and felony cases and decides when to ask for leniency and when to “throw the book at someone.” Determining when the criminal justice system is used for rehabilitation and when it is used for punishment is a tremendous responsibility which is not being adequately handed by the current commonwealth’s attorney. “I am committed to doing better, and will communicate with victims and witnesses,” said Moore.

“People in the community approached me about their lack of communication from the commonwealth’s attorney,” Moore said. Moore explained he has heard from people upset that they attend court as a witness or victim and the commonwealth’s attorney does not advise them on what is transpiring in court or with the case.

Finally, Moore was motivated to run for commonwealth’s attorney when he read in The Farmville Herald and heard from people in the community that Ms. Scales has stated that she can’t keep up with the increased workload and wanted an assistant attorney. When Moore heard this, he checked the website for the Virginia Compensation Board. “The State says Cumberland Commonwealth’s Attorney Office needs 0.93 of an attorney, not 1.5 attorneys. In addition, the Virginia Supreme Court website states the Cumberland criminal docket is the smallest in the circuit and has decreased by 25% since 2016.” Moore says, “Cumberland does not need a second prosecutor, it simply needs one who can do the job. I can do the job, and I won’t be asking the taxpayers to foot the bill for an unneeded assistant.”

“It’s time for a change. A change for the better,” Moore said. “The residents of Cumberland deserve better. They deserve someone capable of and willing to handle the workload; who will seek the appropriate punishment based solely on a person’s offense and record; and who is willing to try cases instead of plea bargaining all his cases.” Moore promises, “If the people of Cumberland honor me with the position of commonwealth attorney, I will be that person. I ask for their vote in hopes of achieving positive change for our community.”