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McDaniel seeks reelection

James F. McDaniel Jr. is seeking reelection as director of the Peter Francisco Soil and Water Conservation District Board for Buckingham County.

James F. McDaniel Jr.

At the November election, county residents can select two board members. Currently McDaniel and Kevin Dunn hold this position.

Directors serve as volunteers on a board that is a political subdivision of the Virginia Board. Our board is made up of local people that manage the activities of the district, according to state law. McDaniel brings to the district over 29 years of agriculture experience, having served as the Executive Director with Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS), now known as Farm Service Agency (FSA) from 1968 until his retirement in May, 1990. Upon his retirement, he served as an Associate Director for the District and later as an elected Director.

Peter Francisco SWCD’s mission is: To promote the stewardship and conservation of natural resources by providing technical expertise and educational programs, and that is what McDaniel intends to offer the people of Buckingham County for another term. McDaniel says the District strives to help and guide landowners to improve water quality in the state’s streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.

This year alone, the District has been issued their largest allocation of over $800,000 to work with farmers/landowners to install Best Management (BMP) Cost-share practices. Cost-share assistance is an incentive to encourage the voluntary installation of ag BMPs to meet Virginia’s non-point source pollution reduction water quality objectives. Some of the practices are: fencing cattle of the streams and providing an alternative water system; winter cover crops to reduce erosion, stream crossings and grazing land management. McDaniel explains the relationship that Directors have built with our Legislative Representatives contributes to continued support for all working toward cleaner water.

McDaniel is serving as the treasurer for the board, overseeing the District’s finances, visiting with our Legislative representatives to explain the Soil and Water topics relevant to the General Assembly and how it affects the district’s. McDaniel also serves on the district’s Personnel and Budget Committees.

Being that the district is not a regulatory agency but one that promotes the stewardship of our natural resources, McDaniel says he stays up-to-date about natural resource concerns by attending the area meetings that include the 10 districts that make up Area V and as a voting district Director at the Annual Virginia Association of Soil and Water Districts. He supports staff on administering the Virginia Ag Best Management Practices Cost-share program by offering his expertise working in the agriculture industry.

McDaniel would appreciate your vote on Nov. 5 and will continue to serve the Peter Francisco Soil and Water Conservation District to the best of his abilities.